5 Ways To Tell If You’re a Coffee Snob

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We’ve met a number of people along the way on our coffee journey and we’re lucky enough to call most of them friends now. However, we have come across a few ‘coffee snobs’ here and there. We’re sure you’ve met a few in your lifetime too, or maybe you even consider yourself to be one. Perhaps you prefer the term ‘passionate coffee enthusiast’ or ‘coffee perfectionist’. Not sure if you fit the bill? Here’s 5 ways to tell if you’re a coffee snob.

1. Pre-ground is just not going to cut it
Who knows how long ago the beans were ground? The taste just doesn’t hit the spot and anything less than freshly ground isn’t worth it’s time in the sun, or time in your mug.

2. You cringe when someone says ‘expresso’
Just like Hermione Granger corrected Ron Weasley “It’s leviOsa, not leviosah.” You feel the need to correct whoever has the audacity to pronounce espresso as expresso. There isn’t even an x in the word.

3. Long life milk is just plain offensive
Whoever thinks this is okay to put in their coffee needs a stern talking to.

4. The barista knows your name
Even if you’re feeling a little awkward about reminding him or her, yet again, that your name is in fact Rob and not Bob. It’s close enough after all.

5. The Crema or nothing
There’s simply nothing more satisfying than that thin layer of foam at the top of your cup of espresso. And no, it isn’t from the steamed milk.

At West Coast Coffee Co. we believe that coffee isn’t just a hot beverage you have in the morning to wake yourself up, it’s a way of life. A day is simply incomplete without a good cup of coffee. We always say to people that “our coffee is for everyone”, it doesn’t matter if this is your first cup ever or if you are a trained barista, we will make sure that you enjoy it.