So, you know your coffee, yes?

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So, you know your coffee, yes? One trait all coffee drinkers share, is that they know best, that they can’t be told a thing about coffee. They’re right of course, because that’s why we all have our preferred brands and favourite brews. But there’s another characteristic serious coffee drinkers have in common; that of curiosity, […]

Pietermaritzburg’s First Coffee Roastery

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 Pietermaritzburg’s First Coffee Roastery Cultivating a coffee culture in Pietermaritzburg. The coffee journey starts with the humble bean, but it’s the roasting that unlocks the flavours and aromas of the world’s best-loved beverage.   Roasting is both an art and a science that demands passion and skill in equal measure, not to mention an investment in a quality […]

5 Ways To Tell If You’re a Coffee Snob

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We’ve met a number of people along the way on our coffee journey and we’re lucky enough to call most of them friends now. However, we have come across a few ‘coffee snobs’ here and there. We’re sure you’ve met a few in your lifetime too, or maybe you even consider yourself to be one. […]