Coffee Recipes: What to Do With Left Over Coffee

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Now we know what you’re thinking, “What is left over coffee?” but believe it or not, it does happen. Even to us. There’s only so many times you can turn your cold coffee into iced coffee and in winter that sometimes isn’t the most desirable option. We’ve put together a few of our favourite coffee recipes so you never have to feel guilty about that abandoned cup.

1. Coffee Chocolate Layer Cake
Those four words should have been enough to cause a tummy grumble. This recipe by Bon Appétit even has mocha mascarpone frosting. It’s positively luxurious and decadent and will make you forget any other cake you’ve ever had, that’s how good it is. Get this delicious coffee recipe here. We think this would pair beautifully with our Malawi Mzuzu AAA, which has hints of chocolate and hazelnuts.

2. Coffee Rubbed Braised Cherry Chicken
This recipe only needs one word to describe it: yum! The sweetness of the cherries beautifully pairs with the bitterness of the coffee to create a truly delicious, comforting meal. This recipe is from Food52 and you can read it here.

3. Coffee Pork Chops
One of the great things about coffee is that it goes with anything, whether it’s sweet or savoury. This recipe makes use of molasses to really bring together the pork and coffee flavours. You can wipe away that drool; we won’t hold back the recipe any longer.

4. Coffee Pudding
Like cappuccinos? Prepare to have them ruined forever by this impossibly smooth and creamy coffee pudding. This recipe is great for when you have friends coming over as they can be made the day before. Find the coffee recipe here.

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