How To Never Drink A Bad Cup of Coffee Again

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There’s probably no greater disappointment than yearning for a good cup of coffee only for your taste buds to be met with a steaming cup of failure. We’ve decided it’s time to take a stand against those giving coffee a bad name. This is why we’ve put together a few absolutely, positively fool proof ways to get out of drinking a bad cup off coffee.

1. Like a bad date; fake a call
If your coffee is just like your Tinder date that isn’t the GQ model his profile claims to be, fake a call. You can do this by going into your Settings on your phone and playing your ringtone. You could even have a code you send to a friend when you need them to call and fake an emergency.

2. Spill the beans… coffee beans
For this you’re simply going to have to knock over that cup of disappointment. There’s no time for life jackets, you’re just going to have to jump ship. Simply lean across the table and subtly elbow it out of the way. Try and not get it on yourself if you can; your day doesn’t have to get worse than it already is.

3. Offer to make it yourself
This step would typically only be applicable if you had already experienced a bad cup of coffee from this person. Simply tell them that they deserve to put their feet up or that you read an interesting article about making a good cup of coffee and want to try something out.

4. Buy them a bag (or two) of West Coast Coffee
It’s time to bring that friend over into the light and introduce them to the way coffee is supposed to taste. Simply buy them a bag of West Coast Coffee, sit back and wait for them to be changed forever. We currently offer two incredible roasts, the first being our Uganda Sipi Falls which is full of fruity flavours with a delicious hint of chocolate. The second is our Malawi Mzuzu AAA with delicious stone fruit notes and hints of chocolate and hazelnuts.

And that’s it! With these four options we’re sure you’ll be able to get out of any bad coffee situation. Be sure to visit our store and grab yourself a bag of your favourite coffee.

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