So, you know your coffee, yes?

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So, you know your coffee, yes?

One trait all coffee drinkers share, is that they know best, that they can’t be told a thing about coffee. They’re right of course, because that’s why we all have our preferred brands and favourite brews.

But there’s another characteristic serious coffee drinkers have in common; that of curiosity, the thirst for deeper knowledge, as we go on a journey of discovery.

Everybody is unique of course, and we’re all on our own coffee adventures with its own milestones.

A key milestone, we think, is being confident enough to ask baristas, your barista if you like, a few questions, in the nicest possible way.

These questions we thought of over a particularly flavourful brew from Sippi Falls, in Uganda, that we’d roasted specifically to release its unique aromas and make us think better. So, blame the aromas if you’re not happy with the Q&A, or better still, drop us a line if you can do better.

For better or worse, here goes:

  1. Hi, I am Bean Bates, what’s your name? Shake hands, or nod, but get his or her name.

  2. Mind if I peek at your steam wand? Here’s a clue; hygiene is a non-negotiable.

  3. Is your station always this clean/dirty? (depending on what applies). If the reaction is one of delight, it’s good; if the reaction is one of surprise, uh-uh, not so good.

  4. Are you using longlife or fresh milk? No guesses the right answer here.

  5. So, what’s brewing brother (or sister)? Hopefully he or she will know, and not stare at you as if you’re wearing spot lights.

  6. What is your favourite brew method? Again, here’s to hoping they know you’re asking about coffee, and not another kind of beverage that starts with a B.

  7. What do you say to a customer who asks for an Americano without milk? Uhm, an Americano IS a black coffee.

  8. Ask for a double double, and see what you get. Hint, it’s not a double shot of the stuff that makes you see double.

  9. Tell me about your worst customer? If they say they’ve never had one, they’re either fibbing, or don’t know the difference. Either way, it’s a worrying sign.

  10. Tell me about your training? If the eyes wander, and the answer seems evasive, it probably is.

  11. Bye-bye Joe/Jane, I remember your name, do you remember mine? It’s 50/50, either they do, or don’t. Draw your own conclusions.

Can YOU think of questions to ask your barista, or any other coffee drinker? Let us know ……

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